In a recent Word on Fire podcast, Bishop Barron talked about the roles of the Clergy and the Laity in the world today.

Most (if not all) of us are Laity, so we’ll focus on that. Alright then, …What is the role of the Laity in the Church today?

According to the Bishop… to sanctify the world around us.

That doesn’t sound that hard. All you need to do is convert the world…  Obviously, I’m kidding –  That’s a real big ask there, Bishop!

But, look at that statement again. To sanctify the world around us. There’s that key phrase at the end – the world around us. Although some people are called to spread the faith in a remote village in a developing country, most of us aren’t. Most of us keep to the frontiers of our neighborhood – and that’s the world around us.

Mother Teresa famously said – “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

And, that’s exactly what Bishop Barron is getting at here. The world around us is smaller and within our power to affect. We’re called to sanctify our homes, our work, our schools, our community, and on and on.

Now of course, that’s still a huge task – where do you even start?

We’re called to do what we can. We’re called to live our lives and make decisions each day in light of the Gospel. We’re called to form ourselves by our Christian faith and let that permeate our lives, and let the world see and experience that faith.

The early Christians converted the Roman empire by the way they lived. We’re called to do the same.


Be the Men.

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