At the heart of Be the Men, is the idea of challenge. Challenging ourselves to be better by doing hard things.

Serving others. Humbling ourselves. Surrendering our will. Sacrificing. Deepening our faith. Defending the Church. Accepting challenges.

But, there’s one bit to add here as a caveat. Doing all of that ‘stuff’ is amazing and fantastic…but it doesn’t mean a whole lot if we don’t do it with a smile on our face.

It defeats the purpose of serving others if we grumble and complain the whole time, right?

Fr. Mike Schmitz (who we’ve talked about before) mentions in a talk that the way your face looks by the time you’re an adult is your fault. Kind of a strange idea at first but what he’s getting at is that we are in control of how our face looks – as in, if we are smiling or not.

The Catholic life isn’t one of misery and dread. It’s meant to be liberating and uplifting. Who is going to be attracted to the Church if Catholics look like they’re always going to a funeral?

Is it hard? Yes. Is it demanding? Yes. Can we accept the challenge with Joy? Absolutely.

Smile a little more today.


Be the Men.

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