Time for a little reality check.

3…2…1… We’re not perfect. Groundbreaking, right?

But, take a second to let that sink in… We are not perfect.

We need to remind ourselves of this fact – not so we can use it as an excuse or a crutch, but to open our eyes. There’s a lot in our lives that keeps us from God.

Self examination must be a part of the Christian life. Our path to sainthood requires that we are self-aware (and humble) to recognize our imperfections, and address them.

However, there can be some pitfalls to self-examination and the realization of our own imperfection. We beat ourselves up, we get down, we become discouraged. We think that we have ‘so far to go’ that it’s not worth the effort or it’s simply impossible.

But, this is where we can always turn to the Saints who have gone before us. St. Francis DeSales instructs us, “We must not be disturbed at our imperfections, since for us perfection consists in fighting against them. How can we fight against them unless we see them, or overcome them unless we face them? Our victory does not consist in being unconscious of them but in not consenting to them, and not to consent to them is to be displeased with them.

We must admit the dragon exists, call it into the open, then slay it.

Be the Men.

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