We’re struggling through a crisis of masculinity. What does it mean to be a man?

Our culture has a difficult time answering this question. On the one hand, masculinity is frowned upon – where boys roughhousing or playing ‘guns’ is accused of being the cause of all social woes. And on the other hand, we see this hypermasculinity of a bearded man with a battle ax and biceps going it alone with no help, and never asking for directions.

Being a man is somehow a problem and an unattainable ideal at the same time. The result – a lack of masculine identity.

Without unboxing the entire crisis, we’re going to focus on just one facet of being a man – needing help.

Men need other men. We need brothers in our lives to walk with us, to hold us accountable, to share in the our struggles.

But, we must also remember the flipside of this – other men need us. They need us to speak up, to encourage them, to walk with them.

Iron sharpens iron. Sometimes we need sharpened, but other times, we need to do the sharpening.

Genuine friendship, words of encouragement, a simple ‘hey how are ya’ can go a long way.


Be the Men,


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