So often we think of evangelization as going to some remote, developing country to bring the Gospel to a people who have never heard of Jesus Christ. While this is true and good, we are all not called to live that vocation.

At the advent of what would become the “New Evangelization” movement in the Church, Pope Paul VI describes evangelization as sharing the Truth, as we’ve come to experience it.

It’s a beautiful and simple way to approach evangelization.

We don’t need to memorize St. Thomas Aquinas’ arguments or high theological concepts to pummel non-believers into submission. There’s a time and a place for intellectual arguments, but so often, we just need to share the Truth, to share our experience of Jesus Christ with those around us.

But, we still need to be prepared and ready to do this. Take some time to reflect: how have we encountered Christ in our lives? What were some high points or turning points in our faith? When have we felt the presence of God? What witness or testimony can we give to the faith?


We started Summons to share the Truth as we’ve come to experience it, as Pope Paul VI puts it. Summons isn’t driven by high theology, but by stories and experiences of Catholic men like all of us, trying to survive and thrive in our world. The latest issue of Summons is almost ready to ship. If you want to receive yours in the mail, sign up here.

Be the Men.

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