In our day and age, many of us struggle with priorities.

I remember reading that way back when, there was no plural form of the word priority. By its definition, there can only be one priority.

So, what’s our number one priority?

Or, framed slightly different… we are men, husbands, fathers, parishioners, teachers, coaches, citizens, etc. but what are we first?

We hope that our number one priority is following Christ. If it’s not, what are we putting above Him?

And, in following Christ, what is He asking of us? What responsibilities is He bestowing on us through our vocation? Are we fulfilling those responsibilities?

I’ll say this — at the end of the day, what puts a smile on my face isn’t the work that I did, or the meeting I attended, or the article I read. It’s being present to Christ and those He has put in my life.

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