Day to day, it’s tough to see change in our lives.

Whether it’s losing weight, learning the guitar, or growing in our faith. All we can do is put in the time each and every day, and trust that we’ll progress.

When it comes to our faith, it’s arguably more difficult to see change because it’s all internal and personal. We don’t look different, we don’t have some skill that we didn’t have before.

When we don’t see the change, we sometimes get discouraged and our effort dwindles. Sunday Mass becomes a struggle because we don’t ‘get anything out of it.’

But, it’s in these moments when we need to double down on our commitment and trust in God.

I once heard a priest say that you can’t sit in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, in the presence of God, and not be changed.

Using that premise, let’s look at some simple math.

Just for the sake of argument, say we go to Mass every Sunday so about 52 times per year.

If we can give one extra hour and go to Daily Mass once per week, that number jumps to 104 Masses per year. Double – Pretty simple.

But, that’s twice as many homilies, readings, Our Fathers, prayer intentions, blessings, etc. than our normal year. And, that’s just one extra hour per week!

If we can attend daily Mass 3 times per week, that’s 208 Masses in one year. If we attend Mass daily, that equals 365 Masses, that’s 7 times our normal year of weekly Mass.

We can literally add years-worth of Masses to our lives. We can receive the Blessed Sacrament 7 times as often as we normally would. 7 years worth in 1 year

You can’t tell me that if we make that commitment, doubling, tripling, or even septupling our encounters with Christ, that we wouldn’t be changed.


Be the Men,



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