Driving around town the other day, I saw a lawn sign that read: “Jesus Christ died for us, live for him.

Assuming this isn’t your first Easter, this is something that we all know – that Jesus died for us. We hear it over and over again. 

But, just because we know it to be true, doesn’t mean we grasp the magnitude. I think for most of us, no one has literally died so that we can live (minus Jesus). Obviously, there are exceptions. 

For my own car ride reflection, I couldn’t help but think of the movie, Saving Private Ryan. Set in WWII, the film’s about a group of soldiers who are looking for one man, whose brothers have all been killed in combat. Without spoiling the movie, many die so that Ryan can live. As one of the men lies dying on the battlefield, he says to Private Ryan – earn this. Earn this life. 

While we can’t necessarily ‘earn’ God’s love or Heaven, we all find ourselves in a similar situation as Ryan. Jesus died for us, so that we might overcome the final result of our sin – death. Let’s live for Him. Let’s do something with the life He’s given us.

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