So a few weeks ago, I went to Confession. The last thing the priest said to me as I was leaving the Confessional was, “Please, pray for me.” 

I was a little caught off guard. In Confession, there’s obviously a big focus on ‘me.’ But his words stuck with me. At Mass immediately after, the thought popped into my head to make a conscious prayer for that priest. 

“God, sanctify that man.”

We’ve seen that when a priest falls into sin, the effects are massive. People get hurt, they’re misled, and many leave the Church altogether. What an opportunity for the Devil to corrupt one man and strike a blow to many. Priests are vital to our Church, and the Devil knows this. 

We need holy priests. But, we can’t expect priests to make themselves holy. They need grace and they need prayers. And that’s where we come in. 

Pray for your priests. Whether they’re traditional, liberal, or whatever, all priests need our prayers. Pray that God sanctifies our shepherds.   

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