The Church is often referred to as the Bark of Peter (or Barque), basically the Ship of Peter. The metaphor is a beautiful one and there’s a lot to unpack and learn by pondering it. Thinking of the Church as a Ship sheds light on what the Church is.

To continue the metaphor, the Bark of Peter is travelling to an island, Heaven, eternity with God. And, there are forces that are working against the Ship. But notice, that to thwart the Bark of Peter, the enemy doesn’t have to put the boat in reverse. They simply need to take the ship off course, even by a slight degree, and it’ll miss its mark.

What’s this mean for us? Evil can present itself as very similar to Good, just slightly off. The Devil doesn’t need us to become Satan worshippers, he just needs us to fall a little off course. Those little compromises, those little justifications – that’s what steers our ship away from our destination. “So be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Matt 5:48

Be vigilant, return to the sacraments especially Confession, and maintain the course.


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