Since reaching working age, I’ve had a hard time placing work into my life of faith. Often times, I find myself wondering, does God really care about this marketing campaign? 

And, I’ve learned more and more that the answer is yes, just maybe not in the way we think. Work is good. But, it has a place. Work is part of our vocation, it’s not our vocation. That’s a very important distinction. 

To me, this point is sometimes more clear in the work that I do outside of my career. For example, over the past week, my wife and I have been running a home organization blitz. And, it started with three days of building a shed. I ended each day sweaty, dirty, sore, beat up. And while I might not go as far to say that I loved every second, I had a deep sense of accomplishment. I worked hard with the body and strength God gave me, in service of my family, and it felt good. It felt good hitting the pillow each night knowing that I used what God gave me and I had nothing left. 

As sons, husbands, and fathers, this kind of work is a very tangible way we can serve our families and community. And, beyond that, it’s a natural school of virtue. 

Sometimes it takes rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. 

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