Back in college, we used to take 5-8 hour road trips for baseball. Packed on a bus with 30 other guys might not sound that great now, but back then I really enjoyed those bus rides.

One of the reasons was that I had nowhere else to be. I had hours on that bus – to read, to watch a movie, to talk, to sit in silence. In many ways, the trip was a lesson in patience, even forced-patience.

There are times throughout our day where we might say, “I’d rather be somewhere else.” We get stuck talking to someone when we’d rather be talking with someone else. Or, despite the increasing speed of our world, we still have to wait in line to get coffee.

Often, we get frustrated knowing we could be somewhere else, doing something else, or talking to someone else. And, the problem is that we miss what’s right in front of us. If we play this game long enough, we fall into the trap of always wishing we were somewhere else. Even during times with our family or friends.

Today, I still love long car rides or waiting at my airport gate. Those moments, and countless others throughout our day, are great opportunities to get lost in silent thought, or actually sit down to read, or enjoy a great conversation.

Let’s not miss those moments because we wish we were somewhere else.

Be the Men.