In life, and so often in our faith, we say we want to get better at, well, everything. 

A good example might be fitness. We try to increase our Bench and Squat, while getting our mile time sub-whatever. Or, maybe at work, we try to move 3 different projects along simultaneously. 

The result is that we don’t make much progress on any of them. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but is it the best way? The most efficient way?

Now, let’s put that into the context of growing in virtue. Are we trying to grow in virtue, in general? Or, are we actively working on specific virtues?

It’s true that a rising tide lifts all boats. Growing in one virtue will naturally have an effect on the others. So then, let’s ask ourselves – what’s the #1 virtue (or vice) that we struggle with? Is it patience, fortitude, temperance, pride, lust?

Take a good look. Maybe we need to spend a whole month focusing on that one virtue, then, see what happens. 

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