In 1910, GK Chesterton wrote a book titled, What’s Wrong with the World. He identifies the four main problems in our society:

Big Business, Big Government, Feminism, and Public Education

The first time I heard this, I was really caught off guard. But, as you continue with Chesterton, you can see his thinking.

These four problems have one big thing in common: they undermine the family. How? By taking responsibility off of men.

It’s amazing that Chesterton saw this in 1910 – and 100 years later it’s very much the case.

When work becomes more important than our family, our family suffers. When the family suffers and falls apart, the state steps in. When the government takes over education, it replaces the family’s authority.

All of the sudden, men spend all their time at work, take little part in the education of our children, and ultimately rely on the government to ‘lead’ the family. Often, women do their best to fill the void left by men, but that’s an almost impossible task.

There’s only one person who can fill that void – us.

We have a duty to our families to be the leader, provider, and protector. We can’t rely on anyone else to take on this responsibility. Only we can step up and answer the call.

And, for those of us who don’t have wives or children yet, now is the time to not only discern this call, but prepare ourselves for it.


Be the Men.

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