God provides us with grace in countless ways, but do we accept His help? Do we refuse His grace?

It sounds ludicrous to even consider refusing help, especially from God, but it is another ploy of the devil to isolate us from Our Father.

The devil’s tactics aren’t blatant and obvious – he slowly tempts us and prods us, wearing us down, using half truths and justifications to accustom us to life without God.

When we think of how God gives us graces, we might first think of the Sacraments. And, how might we be tricked into refusing the graces of the sacraments?

When we’re so busy that we don’t break bread together for family meals – we won’t prioritize our participation in the heavenly banquet of the Mass.

When we live in a ‘you-do-you’ culture where people can virtually do no wrong – we won’t feel the need to humbly admit our faults in the confessional.

When couples “play marriage” without any of the commitments or sacrifices – we don’t take serious the sacrament of marriage and its vocation.

By embracing such worldly views, the sacraments get pushed to the peripheries, and God’s graces go with them.

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