Most people are aware of the idea of reverse psychology.

If you want someone to do X, tell them that they’re not allowed to, or they’re not able. This especially works well with kids – although you need to use it wisely (i.e. eventually you’ll tell them not to do something that you really don’t want them to do).

There’s an analogy here for our lives as Christians. It’s not a perfect analogy – for example, the Ten Commandments tell me not to kill, and there’s no reverse psychology working on me here.

But, if you tell me that living the Catholic faith, truly living it, is unreasonable or too difficult. Now, that reverse psychology starts to kick in.

Many people will use this argument in support of changing Church teaching, especially when it comes to sexual sin.

As Catholics, we don’t need the bar lowered. We don’t need the faith watered down, or brought down to ‘our level.’ The Church and her teachings should inspire us to aspire to be more. The Church calls us to new heights, to be a new man as St. Paul says.

Don’t get me wrong, being Catholic, again truly Catholic, is difficult. It’s a challenge. But, if you tell me that I’m not capable of overcoming that challenge, well then you don’t think very highly of me or God’s grace.

There are people out there who believe this about all of us – that we aren’t capable of answering this call. That we’re better off if we change the ‘rules’ so we can ‘win the game.’ It’s a lie. The bar is set. What we need today is men who are willing to rise to meet it.


Be the Men,



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