Human beings are hardwired with an instinct for self preservation. And, even if we’re not surviving in the wild like our ancestors, we nevertheless instinctively know that we should be caring for our bodies, preserving them, and living healthy lives. 

A few (small) examples — we shower, brush our teeth, and shave. We try to eat right and exercise. In short, we take care of ourselves. We strive to prevent harm, injury, illness, etc. and if we can’t prevent it, we restore our health through medicine, rehabilitation, etc. 

This is how we treat our bodies — but what of our souls? How do we care for them? 

In the same way, through prevention and restoration

Prevention through a daily Examination of Conscience. 

Every night, we should place ourselves in the presence of God, reviewing our day, recounting our blessings, acknowledging our sins, and giving thanks for the day. This is how we can prevent further sin – by recognizing where God’s working in our lives, where we’re falling short, and eventually learning to see temptation, prepare for it, and avoid it. 

And, when we fail, we find Restoration in the sacrament of Confession. When you’re sick or injured, we go to the doctor. In Confession, we receive healing from the Divine Physician. 

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