My family and I were out of town this weekend, and the parish we attended celebrated the Rite of Acceptance for Catechumens, (people planning on entering the Catholic Church). It was great to see people beginning this journey – especially in light of the current problems our Church faces.

As someone who was baptized as an infant, my ears always perk up a bit at Mass when we start doing stuff that I’m not too familiar with. I wanted to share a couple parts of this particular Rite that really stuck out to me.

At the beginning of Mass, the priest welcomed all candidates up to the front steps of the altar and asked them their name, followed by “What do you ask of the church of God?”

My mind immediately started trying to guess the answer – “Entrance!” “Baptism!”

The candidates answered – “Eternal life.”

Sure, my answers weren’t necessarily wrong, but they’re only part of the story. Through our baptism we become Catholic, but there’s still the question of why. In this season of Advent, we’re reminded of what we all ask of our Church and of what we hope for.

The coming weeks are a time of preparation. And no, not preparing by buying gifts, decorating, etc. Those things are fine and good, but again, they’re only part of it and not the whole story. In the coming weeks, we prepare ourselves for the coming of our Lord, the fulfillment of God’s promises, the hope of Eternal Life.

While we’re ‘coming down the home stretch’ toward Christmas, let’s not lose sight of the reason for our Hope and what it is we Hope for.


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