So, I’ve written about this topic before in an issue of Summons, but recently it came up again, and I felt compelled to bring it up once more.

This weekend, my family and I made the trip to visit my parents. With two little kids, we scheduled an extended pitstop at the mall to stretch legs, grab some food, and play on one of those indoor playgrounds.

Our kids were playing and having fun. Other families came and went. But, one thing I noticed was that almost every parent sat down and pulled out their phone as their kids trotted off to play. The kids were running around, climbing, and jumping, while the parents were head down in a screen.

And, I say almost – not everyone did. But, enough that it was noticeable. I’m sure we’ve all seen this before, and let’s be honest – we’ve all done it before.

Maybe the parents had something important to do, maybe they were on Instagram, but in reality – can kids tell the difference? Can other adults tell the difference?

I bring this up not to criticize people’s parenting styles or manners, but to help us all wake up. Cell phones are addictive. Social media is addictive. Checking email is addictive.

We must be aware of the message our actions convey to our kids and other adults around us. It might be time for a self audit.


Be the Men,


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