Patience is often a virtue undervalued in our world today.

We pride ourselves on speed – getting things now, doing things fast. Having so much at our fingertips that the time between ‘wanting’ and ‘having’ is as minuscule as possible. 

And, we might not think anything of it until we are forced to be patient, when something is out of our control.

But, patience is a virtue that we will always need, because we are simply not in control.

We need patience, both in the small situations of our lives and the big ones. We must remember that God desires our happiness and has a plan for each of us.

And His plan is not just what He wants for us, but when He wants it.

Today’s the feast of St. Augustine whose conversion came after 15 years of prayers by his mother, St. Monica.

15 years. And, you could argue that has far as conversions go, that’s average. True faith requires patience because true faith is persistent.

Persistent patience – not just with other people, but with ourselves, and with God.


Be the Men,


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