Following God’s will is sometimes a lot easier in theory than in practice.

In theory, we know that God has a plan for us. He loves us and wants us to be happy. It’s easy to say “Thy will be done” because He wants the best for us. Even though we know that to be true, in practice, in living our daily lives, we don’t see road signs pointing out God’s plan. Very infrequently do we hear the voice of God telling us what to do. We’re constantly trying to discern His will for us, but we’re often flying a little blind. 

And, when we face a major decision or a crossroads, all we know is the outcome that we want, and we hope that it’s God’s will as well. Only to find out that it’s not. Whatever it was that we thought we wanted, even if it would be good for us, wasn’t what God wanted. Or at least it wasn’t when God wanted it. 

This is the humbling part, but it’s also an opportunity to grow in virtue. It’s a chance to order our lives more toward God, more freely giving up our own ‘demands’ and opening ourselves up to His will. 

Instead of feeling discouraged or angry, we must turn with greater fervor acknowledging that it simply wasn’t God’s plan. And, there’s comfort in that. That thing that we thought we wanted, maybe would have been bad for us. Maybe God actually saved us from something. Or, maybe God’s got something better coming. 

It takes humility, patience, and trust. 

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