There’s a somewhat common belief that our Church is out of touch with the times, that our culture is moving forward, but the Church is stagnating.

When we fall into this belief, we forget the truth that the Church is not of this world. We come to Mass and we experience and encounter something unlike anything else, something that we can’t find anywhere else.

It’s our faith that can change the world, not the culture that should shape our faith. It’s not the culture that needs to come through our doors, but the Church that needs to go out into the world.

In that vein, have you ever noticed that Mass ends kind of abruptly? It builds and builds until we reach the summit in the consecration of the Eucharist, we partake in that heavenly sacrifice, then it ends.

Why? Precisely for the reasons we are talking about. We who have come to Christ, now carry Him with us. When Christ is alive in us, that is when we venture out, bringing Him to the world.


Be the Men,



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