Right now we have a unique opportunity – the opportunity to be Catholic, actually Catholic.

We’ve seen wishy washy, watered down Catholicism. We’ve witnessed being Catholic in name only and being a ‘two timer.’ We’ve seen people who don’t practice what they preach. And after decades, it’s safe to say none of this works.

When God is pushed to the horizon, the family suffers, the Church suffers, and our world suffers. And, the past 50 years have been a failed experiment that has revealed the facade of empty promises our secular culture promotes. We do not need to get with the times. It’s our submission to ‘the times’ that’s been bleeding the Church.

We need to get our act together. Cast aside notions of being half-in, of accepting this teaching but not that.

It’s time for us to actually be Catholic, to embrace what the Church has preached and taught for 2,000 years, and actually live it. That is the opportunity that we currently have. It’s our moment, and let’s not let it pass by.

Be the Men,



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