Christ invites us to take up our cross and follow Him. In fact, He says to be His disciple, we must take up our cross. But, what does that look like for us, 21st century men in the U.S.?

Often times, we think of our cross as the big, special sufferings. And, while these are certainly not excluded, for many of us – taking up our cross refers to small, daily sufferings.

Maybe it’s our bodies’ aches and pains, or struggles from our economic situation, or the fatigues from work, or differences of opinion. It’s the struggles that come with our state of life and our duty.

These sufferings may not require great acts of heroism, but they require us to commit each and every day, to go all in for love of neighbor, family, and most of all, for God.

But, it’s important to note – It’s not enough to take up our cross, and complain the entire time.

Complaining runs rampant in our culture. If something is uncomfortable or disagreeable, many believe it must be eradicated. But, we can’t have Christ without the cross.

The cross is a part of life, part of our journey toward God. But, it requires a daily choice – to run from it or run toward it. To hide from it, or to take it up.

As we continue this Easter, let’s be mindful of those daily sufferings in our lives, and let’s take them up with renewed strength and resolve.

Be the Men.