A few emails back, we talked about Matthew Kelly. Well, in another one of his talks, he gives us this idea:

How we interact with the world is a lot like osmosis – we are either affecting the world, or the world is affecting us, depending on which is more dense. 

It’s a beautiful analogy and a great reminder that there’s no ‘neutral’ with this life. We can either be a force for good or an empty vessel of the times.

Again, depending on which is more dense – us or the world. We need to fill ourselves with good, solid, dense stuff or risk being empty and inviting in negativity and evil.

About a month ago, I heard a priest give a talk specifically about this. He recounted a story from the gospel that in short goes like this: A demon is driven out of a person and roams around the world. Eventually the demon goes back to that person to find everything neat and in order – so, the demon went and got 7 more demons and returned to that soul.

The key here is that the demon found the person’s soul in order, but empty.  The priest telling the story likened it to a demon coming back to find a nice, clean hotel room. It’s very inviting. But, what if that demon knocked on that hotel room, and found someone there. Not so inviting.

The story reminds us to consume wholesome content, not just mindnumbing trash. Read books, listen to talks, engage material that challenges us to think. And, the goodness that we fill ourselves with will not only help protect us against temptation but it will overflow into the world.


Be the Men.


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