God gives us a lot of gifts. Even the gift of life is miraculous.

There’s a stat that floats around, who knows how accurate it is, but it states that the chances of being born are 1 in 400 trillion. That’s 1 in 400,000,000,000,000. 

It’s inconceivable even to contemplate the gift of life.

And, that’s not to mention all of the other gifts God gives us: our friends, our family, our jobs, our health, our intelligence, our faith, our humor, our homes, our upbringing, our existence, our redemption… it goes on and on.

We’ve been given so much. And, what do we do with it all? In many ways, we squander it. We turn our backs on God, time and time again. Sinning against the infinite creator who loves us unconditionally and who provides for us.

But, this is how we know that God is infinitely merciful. After squandering these gifts and sinning against Him, God doesn’t stop. He has one more gift… forgiveness.

God doesn’t hold back anything. He’s there, waiting to grant forgiveness to us. We just have to ask.

It’s a reminder again to take advantage of Confession as often as we can. It truly is a gift.

Be the Men.

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