During the season of Lent, it’s easy to get caught up in the what of our Lenten sacrifices. What did we give up, what are we doing, etc. 

The Church obviously asks us to do this, but the trap we can fall into is treating each day as a checkbox: did I do X today? Never really stopping to consider: What’s the point?

While we have the What of Lent, we must remember the Why. Why are we doing this?

No matter what our Lenten sacrifices are, we do them to grow closer to Christ.
How do we do this?  As we stop our hand from grabbing a cookie or a beer, call to mind our Lord on the Cross. Offer our Lenten sacrifice in union with His ultimate sacrifice. Don’t just take a cold shower for the heck of it, but use it to unite to Christ in His suffering.

Take each day as an opportunity to join in the suffering work of Jesus. Not just one day closer to Easter Sunday, but one more day to grow closer to Christ.  

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