Have you ever heard the expression ‘old man strength?’

According to the internet, it’s “the uncanny ability of older men to lift copious amounts of lumber, heavy furniture and beat their sons in arm wrestling.” There’s just a weird amount of strength you find in older men.

It sounds funny – but in my experience, it’s absolutely true. The idea is based on the premise that the longer you train, the stronger you get – ‘training’ in this case can mean the physical grinds of life, compounded by years.

In pursuing lives of virtue, we should strive for a similar kind of old man strength.

No matter our age, each new day, we should focus on responding with virtue more often, more quickly.

Easier said than done – where do we even begin?

One place to start is developing the habit of reviewing our day before bed. What happened today? Who did we encounter? When did we respond with virtue? When should we have responded differently?

Assess our weakness today, so we can be stronger tomorrow.


Be the Men,



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