Have you ever experienced laying down in bed and thinking – “I have no idea how to fall asleep.” It’s something that we’ve done thousands of times, but every now and then, it’s like we forget how to. (Or, at least I do.)

There’s something similar that happens at Mass. Despite being raised Catholic, I sometimes have that moment in Mass where I think – what’s happening, why’s that happening, what’s that mean? 

Well, I wanted to share a quote from Fulton Sheen that for me is a refreshing take on the Mass and our part. In Calvary and the Mass, he offers us these thoughts as to what we should be praying at the moment of consecration:

“I give myself to God. Here is my body. Take it. Here is my blood. Take it. Here is my soul, my will, my energy, my strength, my property, my wealth – all that I have. It is Yours. Take it! Consecrate it! Offer it! Offer it with yourself to the Heavenly Father in order that He, looking down on this great sacrifice, may see only You, His beloved Son, in whom He is well pleased. Transmute the poor bread of my life in Your divine life; thrill the wine of my wasted life into Your divine Spirit; unite my broken heart with Your Heart; change my cross into a crucifix. Let not my abandonment and my sorrow and my bereavement go to waste. Gather up the fragments, and as the drop of water is absorbed by the wine at the Offertory of the Mass, let my life be absorbed into Yours; let my little cross be entwined with Your great Cross so that I may purchase the joys of everlasting happiness in union with You.”

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