Coming up on four years ago, I heard Phillip Rivers speak at my graduation. I’d never really been a fan of his. After hearing him speak, I am now.

Most of us probably know, Rivers is the quarterback for the Chargers, but what you might not have known is that he’s actually Catholic and the father of 8. He has an inspiring outlook on life, faith, marriage, and family. He often speaks at Men’s conferences and I highly recommend YouTubing some of his talks.

I was recently reminded of something I heard Rivers say four years ago. In his home and on his team, he’s got a saying or motto – Nunc Coepi. Latin for “Now, I begin.”

Rivers uses this phrase as a reminder for himself, his family, and his teammates, that inevitably we’ll all fall short. We’ll make mistakes, we’ll lose, we’ll fail. We’ll drop the ball, literally and figuratively.

But, we never give up. Every day is a chance to start anew. We’re never going to be perfect, but that doesn’t mean we quit. We dust the dirt off, and keep going. Now, I begin.

The challenge this week is to remember this phrase, Nunc Coepi. I invite you to set an alarm on your phone and name it Nunc Coepi. Or, put it on a sticky note on the bathroom mirror. Write it on a notecard on your desk at work. Put it somewhere that you’ll see if in the morning.

And, when you see it, remember, today is a new day to be the men that we were created to be.


Be the Men.