Every night (okay, most nights) I end my day with a brief evening prayer. One of these days, I’ll type up and share what I do, but the core of it is an Examination of Conscience. A quiet, internal, reflective look at the past day. Where did I give glory to God? Where did I do good? Where did I give into temptation? Where did I do evil? Etc.

This practice has been very fruitful and it’s no wonder that it’s considered a crucial part of developing a prayer life.

At the end of this exercise, there’s a line that I always love to hear: “With God’s blessing, we go to take the rest He has decreed as necessary for us.

After a long day, these words are truly music to my ears – go, rest. These words are particularly sweet when we earn them, when we work hard, labor, and toil. No one needs to rest from watching Netflix all day.

Each and every day let’s earn our rest. Let’s give all of ourselves to God, to our family, to our neighbor.

After a day on our hands and knees truly serving others, we’re gifted with that sweet rest. Imagine ending your day, with nothing left to give… Imagine a lifetime of days like that…


Be the Men,



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