There once was a time in our country when someone went to Mass because they’re grandmother went. Or, because faith was a part of family life.

While this may still be the case for some, for many more faith is a decision, or a series of decisions. It’s not a default. It’s not ingrained in our culture like it used to be.

Let’s be honest here – Catholic isn’t popular. There’s no fame or wealth that comes with being Catholic.

And, the people that try to make loving Jesus look cool and hip, usually fall flat on their face.

The Catholic faith isn’t pop culture, it’s counter-cultural.

To go with the times is easy, just do what everyone else does. But fighting against the current, takes effort, willpower, and grace.

It requires that we make a choice each and every day to serve God, not man. To follow Truth, not opinion. To take up our cross, not turn our backs on it.

Be the Men.

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