Growth requires pain. (Or, at least discomfort).

When learning a new language, it can be painful. It can be frustrating, but you know suffering through is how you learn.

If you’re working out, there’s an assumption that it’s going to hurt a little bit. It’s going to be uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable if you push it.

You grow in maturity by owning a mistake. Coming clean hurts a little bit.

The same is true for our faith. Growing in our faith can be uncomfortable. Whether it’s receiving an invitation to an event at the church, or talking to a random person about faith, our first reaction is “well this is going to uncomfortable” and we back out. But, we shouldn’t shy away because of that. Embrace it – it’s probably an indication of an opportunity to grow.

We’re often like that kid crying to go home on the first day of summer camp. By the end, he’s had the time of his life and doesn’t want to leave.

Again, to quote Pope Benedict: You were not made for comfort, you were made for greatness.

Be the Men.

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