Today marks a pretty cool milestone – by my estimates, it’s the 200th Be The Men email/post.

I don’t bring this up to toot my own horn but more to take the opportunity to pull back the curtain on what it’s been like.

I’ll sometimes get asked – “An email every day?! How do you do it?”

The short answer – the Holy Spirit. I’m constantly reminded how this is not my doing. I’ll write about a topic and the next day it’ll come up in a random conversation with a stranger. Or, I’ll write an email that I feel ‘iffy’ about, but then that’s the one someone says they needed to hear. It’s so clear that I’m just a pawn.

Honestly, the hardest part about writing a daily email is the idea for what to write about. Writing, itself, is a skill and can be adopted into your routine. But, the content is the tough part.

Now, I’m not sitting around expounding on deep theological and metaphysical topics on my own to write about. Every now and then, there might be a lightning bolt of inspiration, but for the most part, I get ideas from articles, podcasts, homilies, scripture, etc. or quotes, or random situations in my own life. And, there’s usually a moment – “Hm, that’d be a good email topic.

But, when I fall behind on reading, or listening to podcasts, or making it to daily Mass, the ideas dry up. No matter how hard I try, you just can’t force it. And, there’s a lesson here for all of us – we must feed our minds and souls.

You might not be writing a daily email, but we all make decisions everyday, answer questions, defend the Church, etc. If our faith is going play any significant role in our lives, we have to think about this stuff more than just on Sunday.

We need nourished. We need the building blocks and the raw materials so when the time comes, we have something to work with. And, in those moments, instead of running dry – our cup overflows.


Be the Men,



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