So, this weekend, my family was travelling which meant we went to Mass away from home. We went to a Church that we’ve been to before, but this time was different than usual.

What was so different? The music.

Now, I’m sure we’ve all been to Mass when the music has been… distracting, to say the least.

At this particular Mass, the music was a cross between folk and show tunes. I’m going to be honest here – it was bad. My wife and I both thought the ‘Alleluia’ was borderline disrespectful.

I don’t bring this up to complain, even though it’s easy to. I bring this up because during Masses like this (and we’ve all experienced something like this) – it’s easy to forget why we’re there.

We don’t go for the music, or the homily, or to chat with friends after. Those are all good things, but not the reason we go. We go for Christ, to encounter Him in the most Blessed Sacrament.

Plenty of things tend to help or hinder that encounter. And those things are often out of our control. But, what’s not out of our control is what we bring to the table, how we enter the Holy sacrifice.

There will be times when the music is bad, the cantor’s off key, the homily is long, the air conditioning is broken, kids are crying, but none of that changes the fact that Christ is still there.

We can get angry, frustrated, and complain, or we can remember that truth.


Be the Men,


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