Throughout my faith journey, a relationship with Mary has been somewhat of a gaping hole.

As a product of Catholic school education, I know most of the doctrines (or at least heard them before). I know why I should have a relationship with Mary. I’ve heard of plenty of Saints devoted to Mary. Yet, I still feel distant from our Blessed Mother.

In the past few months, I’ve realized that the big hurdle is that I don’t know Mary’s place. I know stories about Mary, but I don’t know how she fits into THE story.

Our faith is more than rules or guidelines, it’s the Greatest Story Ever Told. And, it’s a story that we’re part of and so is Mary. In fact, she’s one of the key players.

I recently listened to a talk that opened my eyes to Mary in ways that I’ve never experienced. Dr. Scott Hahn, a theological master of our time, has a talk titled, “The Virgin Mary Revealed Through Scripture.” It’s about an hour long, but very worth it. It’s available on FORMED if you have an account, but I also found it on YouTube here. (The talk is based on his book, Hail Holy Queen, which I haven’t read but have heard it is excellent as well.)

This month, let’s make a real effort to come to know our Blessed Mother. May she be our model and our guide, bringing us always closer to Christ.

Be the Men.

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