If you went to a Jesuit high school or college (or just happen to be a fan of St. Ignatius of Loyola), you’ve probably come across this term… Men for Others.

A simple phrase, yet so much to it. If you have some time today, consider what being a Man for Others means in your life, but let’s look at it this way.

When we walk into a room, what’s our first reaction?

Who do I know? Who’s here?  Who’s going to try to talk to me? Who can I talk to so I don’t look awkward?

“I” am the focus. As humans, we can’t help but view every situation through our own eyes. It takes a conscious effort to shift our perspective.

But, to be Men for Others, we need that shift. So, let’s propose this option. When we walk into a room, ask “Who can I serve here? Who is in need?”

We need to step out of our own little worlds to notice the people God is putting in our lives. Everyday we have a chance to serve, but we need to open our eyes to see the opportunities.

Be the Men.

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