We’re less than two weeks away from Easter. Maybe Lent has been a long road, or maybe it’s flown by. In either case, we have 13 days left in our journey. 

It’s a good time to refocus our efforts and buckle down. But, during Lent we don’t want to get too caught up in the ‘doing.’ The list of things that we decided that we would undertake this year. Arguably more important is the reason for doing them. 

As we continue our Lenten practices, reflect back on the why. Why are we doing this? 

It’s important that the reason for our actions is not for personal benefit or so others see us as holy. It is an offering to God. There’s a dying to self so that next weekend, we can rejoice in the Resurrection. 

Also, just a heads up, it’s around this time that parishes all across your diocese will start having Penance services, where multiple priests come out to hear Confessions. Take advantage. 

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