The devil is real. He hates God, hates His Kingdom, and wants to keep us away from our true home. There is a battle for our souls, a spiritual warfare, and if we continue to deny the battle exists, we’ve already lost.

We are under attack, and there’s one place in particular where the devil especially wages war… the Mass. The celebration of the Eucharist, “the source and summit of the Christian life.” CCC 1324

Attending Mass can’t be something that we nonchalantly walk into. We must be prepared – especially to receive our Lord, but also to battle temptation.

If you haven’t noticed, it’s really easy to get distracted during Mass. It’s hot, the kneelers are uncomfortable, a baby’s crying, your friends are sitting in front of you, an altar server passes out, you’re sleepy (or asleep), the homily is long, it goes on and on.

The moment we enter the Church, we become preoccupied with everyone there. You get the feeling that everyone is staring at you, wondering why you haven’t picked a seat yet, why you’re wearing that shirt, etc.

Immediately the focus is off of Christ, the reason we are there. The result – we’re afraid. We’re afraid to be reverent, to sing, to pray, to genuflect, to take our faith seriously.

If we don’t take our faith seriously in Mass, how can we expect to in public? How can we glorify the Lord with our lives, if we don’t glorify him while we’re in Mass.

Do not be afraid to sing, to pray, to genuflect, to make the sign of the cross. Do not be afraid to be Catholic.

Be the Men,


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