Over the past few decades, there’s been a growing obsession with the occult. Just look at the movies and shows that have been made in the past ten years about magic, demons, the possessed, and the like. People who adhere to zero faith seem to acknowledge the existence of the demonic. 

But, what about inside the Church? Do we acknowledge their existence? Do we live our lives according to the reality that Satan and demons are real, and want to claim us and those whom we love as Hell’s prize? 

Of course, we shouldn’t become obsessed with the demonic, but we should at least acknowledge what the consequences really are for missing the cut.

So often, we see the Saints, and then we see the sinners destined for the 7th circle of Hell, and we’re somewhere in between. We think that we’re generally a good person, so that means Heaven…uhh, right? 

When it comes to the question of our own eternal damnation or eternal happiness, are we really okay with a half hearted shrug and a “I guess, we’ll see how the chips fall.”

That’s what we must ask ourselves – When our time comes, what side are we going to land on? And, what are we willing to do to make the cut?
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