God works in our lives.

A simple statement, but when you really think about it – it’s mind blowing! The creator of the universe actually hears us, guides us, looks out for us.

There are several times in my life, when I can look back and absolutely recognize God’s hand. Saving me from a relationship that would have gone nowhere, or guiding me away from a dead end career. Someone was clearly looking out for me.

Taking it a step further – God is not only a part of our lives, but He actually works through our lives. He uses us to work in the lives of others.

St. Francis of Assisi offers us the beautifully simple line, “Lord, make me a channel of your peace.

Pick your metaphor – a channel, a beacon, a reservoir – God wants us to be instruments of His light and love in our world.

But, here’s the catch – God doesn’t work where He’s not welcome. Hardened hearts are less than fertile grounds for the Holy Spirit. We must be open and aware of God throughout our day, and turn to Him always – in need, in thanksgiving, in praise.

Come, Holy Spirit” is a prayer that we can never say too much – not only for our sake, but for those around us.

Be the Men.

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