Have you ever thought that you weren’t good enough to get to heaven? That it just seems so unattainable?

Or how about this – have you ever thought that Heaven would be boring? Standing around in white robes, walking on clouds? Or maybe not boring, but just that it wouldn’t be as great as life on earth?

We all can take a deep dive into our psyches to try to find the root of these questions but here’s a thought…

It’s the Devil.

Crazy, right? As Pope Francis often tells us  – we need to always be mindful that the Devil does exist, and that he’s doing all he can to keep us away from God and out of Heaven.

Maybe, just maybe, one of his ways of doing this is making Heaven out to be unappealing, boring. Not that far fetched – you’re either not good enough to get there, or you wouldn’t like it there anyway! As Billy Joel says, “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. The sinners are much more fun…”

But, here’s what we must remember: we were made for Heaven. God created us to join him in Heaven. Have you ever done something that you felt like you were made to do? It’s a rare but incredible experience.

That joy, satisfaction, feeling of fulfillment will be multiplied infinitely in Heaven.

If you want to learn more about Heaven, check out Peter Kreeft’s Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Heaven, but Never Dreamed of Asking.

We know alot more about Heaven than you might think.


Be the Men.

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