“Not those who are too hot and not those who are too cool — it is the tepid ones that God has spat out of his mouth.”

If there’s one good thing coming from the current state of the Church today it’s this — it’s more and more difficult to remain lukewarm in the Church.

Let’s be honest, most of us two years ago were probably not as engaged in our faith as we are today. I know I wasn’t.

Divisive events have occurred (and continue), events that require a decision. Stay or go.

If you stay, it’s near impossible to act like nothing has changed. Staying means doubling down on our faith in Jesus Christ, digging deeper into what it means to follow Him. And, it also means holding ourselves and our fellow Catholic too higher standards. But, with all of that, comes hope.

Hope that by God’s grace we can re-right our course. That all is not lost. But to engage that endeavor, we can’t stay neutral. We can’t remain lukewarm.

Be the Men,

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