A friend of mine recently shared this reflection from the Laudate app:

“On the first day of the Easter season, in every Catholic Mass in the world, we will be specifically asked: “Do you believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, our Lord?” In other words, we will be challenged to profess our faith that Jesus is God. This is considered blasphemous to over one billion Muslims or Jews. They believe that to accept Jesus as God is to deny that there is only one God. Moreover, over two billion Chinese Communists either deny that there is a God or that Jesus is God. Also, hundreds of millions of Buddhists and Hindus reject Jesus’ divinity. Finally, our secular humanistic culture of death considers it dangerous for us to maintain that Jesus is the only God. They maintain that statements of absolute truth lead to intolerance, oppression, and war.

It has never been popular to profess that Jesus is God. The cost of believing and professing Jesus’ divinity is the cross. Look at Jesus crucified. Nevertheless, will you love Jesus, Lord and God, so much that you will live and suffer for Him? Will you accept persecution and even martyrdom in your profession of Jesus’ divinity? At all costs, proclaim Jesus as Lord and God (Jn 20:28; cf Phil 2:11).

At the heart of Christ’s Passion and Death is love. Love of the Father, and the desire to do His will. And, love for mankind.

How have we repaid that love?

Have we abandoned Him? Have we betrayed Him? Have we mocked Him?

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