As Catholics, we’re called to turn away from our old sinful lives, and take on a new life. Another way to put it – our hearts need converted. Sometimes conversion leads to our decision to enter the Catholic faith, but it can also lead to a rejuvenation or reinvigoration of our faith.

In both cases, we’re called to shed our old self and become a ‘new man’ as St. Paul puts it.

And while we often hear of big conversion stories or those a-ha moments that forever change our perspective, conversion is not a one and done choice. Those big moments set our feet on the path, but each and every day we must continue to put one foot in front of the other. Doing the small things that move us closer and closer to Christ, even if our pace is slow.

Like everyone, I hate traffic. But, by far the worst traffic is bumper to bumper, standstill. Sitting there, we know that time is passing and we’re not going anywhere.

It’s the same in faith. Even if we’re moving at a crawling pace, we know that in time, we’ll arrive. It might just take a while.


Be the Men,


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