At the core of Be the Men is this idea of doing hard things. This week’s challenge: choosing to embrace silence is meant to be hard, (or at least uncomfortable).

Dave Ramsay, money and business expert and author, has a quote or a mantra that goes…

If you will live like no one else now, you can live like no one else later. 

It boils down to this: embrace the difficulties now, and reap the benefits later. A relatively simple concept, yet still challenging. In the golden age of instant gratification – who wants to delay the reward?

For Ramsay, he uses this quote as motivation to buckle down and live on a budget now, so you can enjoy the fruits of financial independence later. But, this idea works for many aspects of our lives.

In health and fitness, if you live like no one else now (i.e. 5am workouts with chicken and broccoli galore), you will live like no one else later (superior physical fitness). Grind now, reward later.

It also works (maybe even the best) in faith. Live like no one else on earth, to receive the ultimate reward in Heaven. We can look to the Saints as proof of this. The Saints lived such unbelievably unique lives compared to the rest of society – heck! they lived unique lives compared to other Saints!

What’s the takeaway? If we are called to be Saints (or Men of Virtue), we are not meant to live like everyone else. And, it’s not meant to be easy. The world tries to sell us comfort, but as Pope Benedict said –  we weren’t made for comfort, we were made for greatness.

The ultimate reward requires ultimate sacrifice. And, it starts with doing hard things, no matter how small. So with that, let’s keep our eyes on the prize and our noses to the grindstone.

Be the Men.

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