Recently, I heard a podcast where a former Navy SEAL was talking about Hell Week, the most difficult part of a SEAL’s training.

This particular guy was recounting what some of his mentors told him going in. One said this:  “Lesser men than you have done this.”

What this means to a Navy SEAL, I (and most of us) will never know. But, I’ve been reflecting on what this means for a follower of Christ.

Lesser men than us have become Saints. 

The Saints are an extremely diverse group of people. And among them, there are plenty who compared to us are less skilled, less talented, less experienced, poor, illiterate. There are some of who lived during much harder times, who didn’t have the resources that we do.

On paper, we are far better off.

But, they’re the ones in Heaven. They did it.

And as to how, I think you can say this universally for every Saint – they knew they were lesser. They knew they were small. They knew they were dependent on God.

And while the world sees this type of attitude as weakness, it was what gave them strength.

For when I am weak, then I am strong.” 2 Cor 12:10

When we feel like it’s all too much, that we can’t go on, we should remember that others have gone before us. They’ve shown us the way. And, it’s not by our own power and strength, but in our humility and trust in God that we can follow suit.


Be the Men,


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