Believe it or not, Lent starts next Wednesday. Let’s take some time over the next few days to really think about how we are going to prepare for Lent.

All too often, our focus is “What are we giving up?” And, not as much on preparing ourselves for Easter.

Fr. Michael Schmitz has an 8 minute video here, that is a great tool to get us thinking about Lent, and what it should mean for us.

Here are a couple of his main points.

In the Early Church, the ‘Rite-of-Christian-Initiation-of-Adults’ equivalent ended with a season of Purification and Enlightenment leading up to Easter Sunday.

What we call Lent today was and still is a time when we evaluate what in our lives needs to go, and how do we need to grow and change, before we commit to Jesus.

In Lent, we’re called to grow in three areas: Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving. Fr. Mike advises choosing one thing in each area. Below are some questions to help you reflect and get some ideas.

Prayer – How are we going to get closer to Christ?
Ideas: Reflecting on the Daily Mass readings, praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet (it’s takes like 7 minutes), Read Scripture daily

Fasting – What do we need to purify from our lives?
Ideas: Alcohol, Coffee, Social Media, Using our phone, Netflix

Almsgiving – How can I let God use me to bless others?
Ideas: Write notes of encouragement every day, give money to those in need, volunteer in the community

Fr. Mike recommends finding that balance between – too impossible to fulfill, and too insignificant to create any change in us.

Be the Men.

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