There’s something about having kids that gives you a tiny insight into how God sees us.

For example, the other day we were getting ready for Mass. We were already cutting it close, and my daughter wanted to put on her shoes and socks by herself.

I felt the urge to jump in, grab her shoes and socks, with a “here, let me do it!” Why not, right? I can do it easier, faster, and better (as long as I get the shoes on the right feet).

But before I intervened, I realized she has to learn. And, that means I have to patiently stand by, watching her fumble. Keyword here is patiently.

In a very similar way, God could swoop in and instantly solve all of our problems, big and small. He could kick the door down, convert our hearts, save our souls, and call it a day. But, He doesn’t want to do it that way. He wants us to be a part of His plan. He wants us to learn, and yes even struggle at times.

For us, that means we must embrace the fact that there are challenges in life. It’s not always easy – but, maybe, just maybe, God is teaching us, He is guiding us, He is preparing us to be adults.

And, whether you’re Creator of the Universe or Master-of-Putting-on-Kids-Shoes, we all get to rejoice in the joy of seeing your children’s faces light up when they get it.

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