More and more in my faith and in life in general, I’m reminded that it’s all a process. You have to start somewhere. Whether it’s developing solid prayer habits, building muscle, or growing your professional skill set, you have to start in the beginner phase. And, that’s perfectly okay.  

A very tangible example in the past year has been praying the Rosary. For a few years, I had prayed the Rosary off and on, usually picking it up during Lent. After learning more about the lives of the Saints, Marian apparitions, and digging deeper into the Church’s teachings on Mary, I finally decided it was time to make it a daily practice. 

In the beginning, it was messy. I was sneaking in a decade here and there. Praying while driving to the gym or the store. But, I kept at it. Slowly, I started breaking it up less and less. Then, more times than not, I would do it in one sitting. Sure, sometimes I still have to break it up. But, it’s all a process. 

And while it seems like I’ve been ‘at it’ for a long time, a year isn’t really that long. Who knows what my devotion to the Rosary will be in another year, or 10, or 20. 

As we continue this season of Lent, keep in mind that it’s all a process. Don’t be discouraged. Prayer and Fasting is hard. Just keep on keepin’ on. 

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